Wearable Solar’s prototype solar-powered dress will charge your phone on the go

We have previously reported on Microsoft’s wireless charging pants, and also FreeLoader’s new solar charger. Combine fashion with solar-cells? That was the idea fashion designer Pauline van Dongen had when she produced a prototype solar-powered dress which can charge up your smartphone on the go, weather permitted of course!

Pauline van Dongen Wearable Solar

Pauline van Dongen Wearable Solar

Van Dongen’s startup Wearable Solar has developed this prototype dress, which integrates flexible solar cells into fashionable attire. The dress was showcased at Brooklyn’s Northside festival last month and van Dongen shared her inspiration for creating the garment with TechCrunch, who was present at the festival, and said:

“One of them is the fact that we highly depend on connectivity. We’re all addicted to our smartphones and we want them constantly powered, and the better our batteries get, the more we’ll use them. And at the same time, working as a werable tech designer, I know the difficulties when integrating these kind of bulky batteries that don’t allow for any comfort or wearability. So that’s why I thought, why not power your phone through your clothes? And eventually power other interactive qualities that our garments are becoming a platform for.”

Of course, with any solar charging device, it is weather dependent. Van Dongen touches on her plans to move the dress from prototype to commercial product, improving the design so it can be washable and also exploring providing the electrical circuits more textile quality. A brief introduction the group of startups based in the Netherlands was also given. These fledgling companies are looking to explore networks in New York with their focus on innovation and creativity.

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