Turn your selfie into a LEGO brick mosaic with Brick-A-Pic

A new KickStarter campaign has been set up by the name of Brick-A-Pic, a website and a fulfilment system which can convert any photos or logos you have into LEGO brick art. The best part? You even get to piece it together yourself.



The project is aiming to raise $50,000 (£37,200) in total with 14 days to go. If fully funded, the start-up will be setting up a service allowing you to upload any picture of your choice to their website and after converting these snaps into mosaics, the corresponding LEGO bricks and a guide to help you build the custom art will be shipped to you.

If you already own a good collection of LEGO bricks, which officially makes 16 colours in total, you can supply the pieces yourself. However, Brick-A-Pic also offers 29 ‘retired’ colours sourced from 3rd-party resellers which can further expend the palette and create more detailed pictures.

You can have a go at creating your own LEGO image on Brick-A-Pic’s demo website. The video below also gives you a good idea of how it will work. The programme can currently make kits in 16×16, 32×32, and 48×48 sizes and the funding will help the start-up build the ordering and creation website for Brick-A-Pic.

The team promises to purchase at least 87,527 LEGO bricks to complete all the kits to fulfil the Kickstarter rewards if the funding goal is reached. Stacked up, these legos would reach 840m and take over as the world’s tallest skyscraper. Pledgers offering $10 will have their favourite image converted to LEGO along with downloadable plans although you’ll have to provide the LEGO bricks yourself.

The smallest kit will cost $75 plus $30 to deliver outside of the US, so if you are considering owning your own piece of art, it will come at a price tag of a least £62 in UK money.

Kai-Li Yang

Kai-Li is a tech enthusiast with an in-depth knowledge of mobile technology, music technology and the entertainment industry. She hails from Taiwan and helps Tech Assimilate to erm... assimilate, all the latest tech news and trends from East Asia. Kai-Li Yang on Google+

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