There’s now a toaster that can ‘print’ your selfie onto your breakfast bread

Here’s some more technological evidence of the ever more ‘selfie’ obsessed world we live in. The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation has launched a device which will toast your favourite selfie onto bread, in the comfort of your own home.

An example of some selfie toast

An example of some selfie toast from photo, to threshold image, to bread

The selfie toaster costs just US$75 and you can decide whether you want it in blue, red, yellow, green or powder chassis colour accents to match the rest of your kitchen. How that you can specify your selfie for the toaster browning element you will no longer have to settle for toast depicting images of Jesus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Buddha (among many others). The image appears only on one side the other side is ‘regular toast’.

Unfortunately the process isn’t as I had imagined when I first read about this cool kitchen device – the toaster doesn’t link to your smartphone via Bluetooth and print anything on the bread… You have to carefully select a high res photo of your face, or pets face or whatever, and send it in to the company. You then select the toaster chassis colour and pay up your $75 (with free shipping in the USA). Then, we are told, you just have to sit back and wait a week for your toaster to be created and delivered – that’s nice and quick.

More toast selfies

More toast selfies

As well as the element burning your face onto the toast The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation also stick a full colour water peel decal of your photograph on front of toaster. I suppose that would be particularly useful if you order a few of them but could otherwise spoil the surprise visitors get when they use your toaster…

If you are thinking of ordering one of these toaster internationally please bear in mind that they work on the 120V electric system and as it’s a US product you get a ‘capitalism rules’ 90 day warranty instead of the wonderful European 2 year standard – sorry US readers that’s true.

Mark Tyson

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