There’s now a hoodie made from speaker fabric, so it won’t muffle your headphone sound

A new hoodie designed with the audio enthusiast in mind has been designed and produced by Betabrand. The Audio Engineer’s Hoodie uses a hood material fabricated from speaker fabric so that headphones worn over the hood don’t offer up muddy, muffled sounds to the wearers.


Regular Audio Engineer’s Hoodie wearers

Depending upon your fondness of hoodies and those fashionable conspicuously large headphones this will be a marmite product for you, dear reader. Also some people might happily wear their ‘cans’ under their hoodie already. However if you would prefer to wear your headphones on top of your hoodie then this item of clothing has definitely found your niche.

You can see the special acoustically transparent fabric in this close-up

You can see the special acoustically transparent fabric in this close-up

Looking at the erm… specifications, this acoustically transparent hoodie is available in a full range of sizes from XS all the way up to XXXL. It’s a relaxed fit and made from a 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend. Two ‘kangaroo pockets’ are provided, one with a headphone pass-through hole another with a loop to clip your keys or whatever. You also have access tooth an interior and exterior breast pocket. The interior of the jacket is lined with a cassette-themed pattern. Finally and most importantly the hood section has sides constructed from the special acoustically transparent material as featured over Hi-Fi speakers.

Breast pockets, outside and inside

Breast pockets, outside and inside

If you do like this hoodie, you need one further qualification; $142.20 spare cash for this piece of casual wear (it’s on special offer with 10% off right now). The product is expected to ship in late October. Free shipping available in the domestic US market.

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