The world’s coolest water pistol is built with Sugru self-setting rubber

Sugru’s engineering and material teams have created the world’s coolest water pistol with Sugru, a  self-setting rubber which is made for fixing, modifying, and making things.

Sugru, the malleable rubber, is a polymer clay which dries to a water resistant, semi-permanent state. The clay is ideal for repairing objects which need to be durable outdoors and it has been popular with those looking for quick and easy repair aids. It was used to reinforce seams and seals of the water pistol, taking advantage of its elastic properties and near zero shrinkage properties.



Design engineer Alex Bygrave made the pistol in 50 hours at his workspace at Makerversity, and used lots of parts you wouldn’t expect, including a small motor retrieved from a scrapped black cab’s windscreen wiper.

“I broke down the mechanics of how the Gatling gun worked and then built it up using a mix of all sorts of components,” said Bygrave. “For example, I used a black cab’s windscreen wiper to provide the rotary motion of the pistol.”

The machine gun-like water pistol can fire from its six rotating barrels and hit targets with multicoloured streams of dyed water up to 10m away, with 10 litres of juice at the gunner’s disposal.

Sugru Water Pistol

Sugru Water Pistol

However this CO2 canister-powered mean looking water pistol is valued at £1,250. If you fancy making your own, take yourself over to Instructables as the team lays out a step by step guide for you.

You can also take a look at the video below to see this awesome water pistol in action.

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