Sensaris’ modular Sensblok can detect and warn you about your environment

Sensaris has introduced a personal sensor device which offers the user real-time environmental data and helps them improve their health and life, called Sensbloks.

Currently crowdfunding on an Indiegogo campaign, which has 30 days left to reach its €30,000 goal, the device is touted as the world’s first portable device which allows the user to track a wide range of environment data including; UV index, air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, barometric pressure, and even electromagnetic fields, and then sends the range of information to a smartphone or tablet in real time.

Sensaris' Sensblok

Sensaris Sensblok

The Sensbloks collection is inspired by Phonebloks, with its modular interchangeable Bloks allowing the device to adapt to the user’s needs, lifestyle and what’s most important to them. Weighing less than 50g, the small portable device shows off an impressive range of mobile sensor technology and alerts the user when the environment hits unhealthy conditions.

The customisable device can connect to both Android and iOS smartphones via dual mode Bluetooth, and allows users to share their data as well as access public data from other users, via a free mobile app called MobiSense. The app also features GPS coordinates for those looking for information on a precise location.

Sensaris Sensblok

Sensaris Sensblok

Examples of the wide range of applications where Sensbloks can be put to work include; warning users when UV levels are too high during outdoors activity, keeping children away from airborne infections at schools by making sure there is adequate air ventilation, measuring the environmental quality in one’s car, or even forecasting the weather at your current location.

The campaign on Indiegogo hopes to reach its goal in order to finalise the hardware design and get Sensebloks into production. Backers will be able to get their hands on the first batch of devices as well as .stl files to allow them to customise their own device with 3D printing.

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