Microsoft Office suite being readied for Android tablets

Microsoft is seeking beta testers for a new version of its popular Office suite aimed at Android tablet users, reveals The Verge. A special pre-registration page has been opened up for willing and able participants via Microsoft’s SharePoint site.

The new suite will replace the rather basic Office app for Android phones which came out last year with a proper touch-enabled version of Office aimed at Android (specifically for tablet users this time). This will follow in the footsteps of the Apple iPad tablet version of Microsoft Office and be pretty fully featured with the familiar components of Word, Excel and PowerPoint and possibly others.

Microsoft Office for Android tablets

Microsoft Office for Android tablets

As far as functionality and appearance it is expected to be pretty much on a par with the iOS version in its features and touch optimisation. Also according to The Verge’s inside sources the Android touch-friendly Office will even arrive before a similarly finger-friendly version comes to Windows platforms.

The appearance of a more fully featured and muscular Office for Android reaffirms Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Tweet following the BUILD conference that “We will not be bound to one app, one device, in one place.”

In related productivity news, earlier this week Google announced that it was to withdraw its Microsoft Office compatible QuickOffice suite from both Google Play and the Apple App Store. It bought the software company behind this app in 2012. However it has added the QuickOffice file format to its Google Docs, Sheets and Slides apps.

Google Drive offers a pretty good productivity suite

Google Drive offers a pretty good productivity suite

Are readers happy with the current non-Microsoft office applications on their Android tablets, like Google’s Docs offerings perhaps? Or will you be happy to purchase a genuine Microsoft Office or extend your Office 365 subscription to your tablet?

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