LG KizON wearable tracking device; for your kids or your grandma?

LG has unveiled a new wearable aimed at children, which might also be useful for your elderly relatives. The core purpose of the device is to track the location of your loved ones. It’s a wristband format device called the LG KizON.

The LG KizON reports back the wearer’s location using GPS and/or Wi-Fi positioning methods. The responsible adult who wishes to track their KizON wearing dependants does so via a smartphone app which can provide “pin point” accuracy of the loved one’s location.

LG KizON with mum's smartphone app

LG KizON with mum’s smartphone app

So you know where your loved one is – what if you want to get in touch? Well, the smartphone app allows its user to call and talk to the wearer over either 2G or 3G connectivity at any time. The wearer doesn’t do anything to initiate the call, it is auto answered so the smartphone user can hear their loved one and/or whatever is going on at their location. You can easily imagine how this is useful.

LG KizON blue and pink

LG KizON blue and pink

Dr Jong-seok Park, chief executive of LG Electronics mobile talked about the foreseen purpose of new wearable; “Children as well as the elderly are ideal customers for wearable technologies.” He continued to explain more generally, “Wearables allow us to stay connected without the worry of losing a device or the inconvenience of having to carry a large item in a pocket.”

Looking at the KizON device technical specifications it has a stated battery life of 36 house, so would need charging every day, unfortunately, but at least it shouldn’t therefore run out during a single day. If the battery life does fall below 25% however, a notification is sent to the parent/guardian. The device is water resistant made of durable plastic, available in colours including blue, pink and green.

LG KizON with accessories attached

LG KizON with accessories attached

If you are interested in the LG KizON wearable it is due to be released in South Korea in July, while the US and Europe will get this smartband device in Q3 this year. Unfortunately we don’t have pricing details at this time.

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