Kingmax launch MySelfie, a remote shutter button for your smartphone or tablet

Kingmax has today launched a new mobile accessory aimed at making your selfies easier to compose and more fun. The MySelfie KBS-01 is basically a remote camera shutter button that fires your Android/Apple iOS camera shutter to help you frame the perfect selfie or selfie group shot.

MySelfie next to an Apple iPhone

MySelfie next to an Apple iPhone

Kingmax says that this new accessory will “allow you to pose any way you like when taking a selfie with mobile phones”. The idea for this product is, we are told, from Kingmax’s “many female employees” and furthermore “whether you want to take a full-figure selfie showing your long legs or take a selfie of you gazing into the distance from far away, all can be easily done!” That sounds interesting… However I think it’s pretty much up to your own imagination how you want to use a remote smartphone shutter control.

The device works by connecting to your smart device via Bluetooth. As is usual with such Bluetooth gadgets you have to pair it with your device and then it will do your bidding. Remember Bluetooth has a range of about 10 metres. As mentioned in the intro the MySelfie works with either Android or Apple iOS devices. It’s powered by a standard CR2032 3V lithium ‘coin’ battery which will last about 1 year “if you take 10 selfies a day”. Interestingly Kingmax also says that its device doesn’t need a driver or software, it should just work.

MySelfie next to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

MySelfie next to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

The Kingmax MySelfie specifications are as follows:

  • Model:KBS-01
  • Size : 60*26.4* 7m m
  • Weight : 11g
  • Colour : White/ Black/ Yellow/ Blue/ Pink
  • Working distance : 10 meters
  • Working temperature : -10℃ ~ 40℃
  • Button cell Battery : CR2032 3V lithium battery
  • Bluetooth : Bluetooth SIG V2.1, 3.0 version
  • OS Support : Androil 2.3.6 + / iOS 5.0+
  • Material : Green cycle material (same as iPhone)
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Software: none required

We don’t have pricing or availability at this time and the product is yet to appear on the official website at the time of writing.

Mark Tyson

Mark has worked for a number of years as a newshound on other technology news websites. He decided to write for Tech Assimilate thanks to this web site's open embracing vision of the fascinating world of personal technology. Mark has also worked in the printing and advertising industries for tens of years previously.

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