iPads blamed for unexplained rashes, linked to nickel allergy

Are you getting unexplained rashes? Are you a heavy user of one of the metal backed iPads or iPods? A recent report has warned iPad users that the popular tablet may contain quite a lot of one of the most common allergy-inducing metals, nickel.

Baby with iPad

Baby with iPad, this happen a lot

According to Sky News, a chemical compound found in nickel has been detected in the outer casing of one of Apple’s iPad models and is reportedly what caused an 11-year old boy to break out in an itchy body rash. Recent medical journal reports have also pointed out a rise in the number of nickel allergies which were caused by personal electronic devices.

The boy was treated in San Diego hospital by dermatologist Sharon Jacob, who said that although the allergy is not life-threatening, treatment for the highly uncomfortable scaly patches may include steroids and antibiotics if infections occur.

The device which cased the outbreak was bought in 2010, an original iPad model. However, Apple has declined to comment on which of its other devices contain the same material. Its other metal finish devices such as laptops, MP3 players and smartphones are also thought to possibly contain nickel in their outer shell construction.

The iPad

The original iPad, held carefully

Nickel allergies in children have risen from 17 per cent a decade ago to 25 per cent now, other products which commonly contain traces of nickel include spectacle frames, zips and jewellery. Parents can consider putting protective shells around devices which may be causing a reaction or opt for a different brand which is less likely to use nickel on the gadget chassis.

With concerns about screen time affecting children’s eye sight, parents should be concerned that electronic devices may cause skin complaints too. Dermatologist, Dr Jacob, advised other doctors to consider it as a potential source when patients are seeking treatment for skin rashes.

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