Google launches a dedicated Android Wear section in its Google Play app store

As Android Wear devices start to trickle onto the market Google has sectioned off a small part of its Google Play Store to offer apps exclusively for the new family of wearables.

The Android Wear SDK was only just released at the very recent I/O Conference in San Francisco so various third party developers have done well to launch appropriate apps for the wearable focussed OS already. These include the likes of Duolingo, The Guardian and Pinterest.

Android Wear apps

Android Wear apps

However don’t get too excited at a flood of cool wares, other than those Google supplies, being suddenly available for your shiny new smartwatch – there’s only 20 apps in total in the Google Play Store Android Wear section at this time including a couple from Google.

The full Android Wear apps list totals only 20 at the time of writing including:

  1. Android Wear
  2. IFTTT
  3. Contacts +
  4. Bandsintown Concerts
  5. Banjo
  6. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
  7. Onefootball Brasil – World Cup
  8. Highlight – People nearby
  9. Glympse – Share your location
  10. Talkray – Free Calls and Text
  11. Player FM – Podcast and Sync
  12. The Guardian
  13. Thomson Reuters Eikon
  14. Allthecooks Recipes
  15. Pinterest
  16. American Airlines
  17. Fly Delta
  18. 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar
  19. Maps
  20. Hangouts
Android Wear Smartwatches

Android Wear Smartwatches

Already we have seen three major Android Wear devices detailed/launched, all are smartwatches, from Samsung, LG and Motorola. Also today Google launched an API to make it easier for apps to communicate with wearable companion devices.

Android Wear

Android Wear

Do any readers see any of the above apps as a must-have for their smartwatch?

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