Flappy Bird clone for Google Glass ‘BlinkyBird’ flaps when you blink your eye

Richard Olson of Nothing Labs has released a Flappy Bird clone dubbed BlinkyBird for Google Glass. You propel and control your bird by, obviously, blinking. Whether you see this as utter genius or insanity depends upon your own perspective.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird, a game surely everyone has heard of, was a viral-hit game which shot to the top of Apple’s free games chart earlier this year. It was then abruptly pulled off the app stores by its developer due to the overwhelming interest and publicity of which he wasn’t fond. Ever since, we have seen many other clone versions of the game hitting the app stores.

This version of the addictive game uses Google Glass’s eye sensor, and lets players fly the in-game bird by double-blinking. Even though Google did not supply support for the eye sensor in Glass in its SDK, Olson highlighted that he reviewed GitHub user thorikawa and kaze0‘s directions in order to gain access to it.

He also gave some tips on playing the game:

  • Be sure to calibrate the eye sensor in Google Glass settings. Try repositioning Glass on your face if calibration doesn’t work.
  • Don’t double-blink too fast – with practice – near 100% blink detection is possible.

Apparently the current version of Glass does not support single-blink detection but if you are not too keen on blinking rapidly, there is an option in the games settings to use the spectacle’s touchpad instead in the games ‘tap’ mode, which works like the classic Flappy Bird.

The game is free to download from Nothing Labs comes with a set of instructions for installation.

Kai-Li Yang

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