DJ Khaled releases signature line of headphones with Bang & Olufsen

With Dr Dre proving that headphones are a pretty worthy investment, Palestinan-American rapper DJ Khaled has followed a similaer path and announced on Monday a new range of headphones via his Instagram account, reports Engadget.

Partnering with Danish audiophile company Bang & Olufsen, it would seem that the trend of combining celebrity status with audio equipment doesn’t seem to be on the wane.

H6 with DJ Khaled by B&O

H6 with DJ Khaled by B&O

“Today I am proud to announce that I have partnered with Heads Audio & Bang Olufsen to create the best audio in the market place, We The Best Sound,” Khaled said in his post. “We The Best Sound represents the very best in audio entertainment. Alongside the prestigious Bang Olufsen brand, We The Best Sound and Heads Audio will provide the listener with the highest quality sound in electronic audio entertainment and will continue to carry on the tradition in excellence set by Bang Olufsen.”

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled lookin’ at ya

The premium range of headphones, which will also be known as H6 with DJ Khaled by B&O, should carry the usual H6 innards despite being blinged up with gold and red leather. Previous H6 ambassadors include Danish house outfits such as DJ Mads Emil Grove Moller, indie musicians Rangleklods and who can forget Kristoffer Sakurai, principal dancer at the Royal Danish Ballet.

The regular BeoPlay H6s are already priced at £329, so we probably won’t be wrong guessing that the ‘We The Best Sound’ range will put an even bigger hole in your wallet. However we are pretty sure that more artist collaborations are waiting around the corner if this particular flashy vulgar audio accessory is not your style.

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