Apple iPhone 6 priced on Amazon at $1,370, camera sensor is the 13MP Sony Exmor IMX220

More Apple iPhone leaks and rumours continue to hit the news screens at Tech Assimilate. This latest crop of news about Apple’s upcoming blockbuster device, which really does look like it will be a significant step up this time around, includes details about the battery, the camera sensor and pricing.

iPhone 6 concept

iPhone 6 concept is pretty close to the images in a recent Amazon listing

Camera sensor unit

Let’s look at the camera unit that is supposed to be equipped on the new flagship smartphone first of all. Chinese enthusiast site Digi-Wo reckons it will be the Sony Exmor IMX220 camera sensor which packs 13 megapixels into a ½.3-inch sensor area. (as used by the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom) That’s an improvement on the iPhone 5S 8MP camera but rather low in the headline MP count compared to rivals from the likes of Samsung, Nokia and Sony the makers of Apple’s sensor. Now we all know MP count isn’t very important to image quality but is to be balanced against sensor quality and size but marketers still likes the bigger numbers.

MacRumours considers the Digi-Wo track record on such rumours to be a good one and also informs us that Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z3 flagship will boast a 20MP version of the same IMX220 camera sensor. It also thinks that the 13MP Sony sensor mentioned above is going to be for the smaller of the two iPhone 6 models while the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 retains an 8MP sensor but with an added OIS system.

iPhone 6 battery

Another bit of news today is the leak of images and specs for the iPhone 6 battery pack. It’s said to be thinner than ever at just 2mm thick. The example uncovered appears to come from the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and boasts a 1,800mAh capacity (up from 1,500mAh in the iPhone 5S). The larger iPhone 6 phablet battery capacity is supposed to be 2,500mAh.

Apple iPhone 6 listing on Amazon Japan

Apple iPhone 6 listing on Amazon Japan

Apple iPhone 6 priced on Amazon Japan

Yesterday an iPhone 6 listing was spotted in Japan on its domestic version of the Amazon internet shopping website. A screen grab captured the listing before it was taken down and we thus have the following details of the 64GB Gold 4.7-inch version as listed:

  • Launch in Japan: 30th September
  • Screen: 4.7-inches
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Size: 130 x 65 x 7mm
  • Weight: 113g
  • OS: iOS 8
  • Price: ¥139,999 SIM-free (£800 or $1,370)

However there have been Amazon listings previously for products and accessories that never ever materialised. One final thing we expect with the iPhone 6 is a new processor to arrive. It is going to be called the A8. This new processor doesn’t advance the number of cores in Apple’s SoC but is said to offer faster performance with lower power consumption.

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