Amazon Fire phone games show off its 3D capabilities (2 videos)

We covered the Amazon Fire phone launch in mid-June this year. There was quite a lot of new technology built into Amazon’s first smartphone such as the 3D motion detecting UI however the device is yet to ship (due from 25th July) so we really have no real user experiences or reviews to learn from.

To-Fu Fury game on the Amazon Fire Phone

To-Fu Fury game on the Amazon Fire Phone

So it was interesting today to see a couple of the first games which have been made especially for the Amazon Fire Phone. We have two video showing the smartphone in action playing two new titles made especially for the Fire Phone’s capabilities.

To-Fu Fury

This platform action game which uses a familiar ‘rubber band’ style game mechanic to propel a piece of sticky tofu around a game environment, users can move their head around while playing to see around corners or otherwise tilt the perspective. Amazon Games Studios call this ‘dynamic perspective’. To-Fu fury is an Amazon Fire Phone exclusive – have a look at the video and decide for yourself if you will be desperate to play it!

Saber’s Edge

Now here we have a puzzle game based upon the match 3 concept. Again Amazon plays its ‘dynamic perspective’ card with the hope of successfully making a must-have game from allowing players to tilt and peak around a 3D game UI. The game has various animations which are supposed to be linked to the match 3 gameplay on the other half of the screen. Overall this doesn’t look very convincing. No fun seems to be added = gimmick!

Overall it’s interesting to see these two new games emerge from Amazon’s in-house developers but despite their 3D shenanigans I think they might fall flat… Amazon needs to try harder; its unique 3D UI features seem to have been shoehorned into these games for the sake of it.

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