Wearable health record, launched by medical startup, for Google Glass

Drchrono, a California-based electronic medical record company, has developed what it claims to be the first “wearable health record (EHR)” for Google’s futuristic Glass spectacles.

Google Glass

Google Glass

The new application, aimed at Glass users in the health care sector, will allow doctors at hospitals and clinics around the US to record and keep a wearable health record for their patients, including consultations or surgeries, as long as the patient gives them permission.

Those who sign up for the free app will also be able to get instant access to the patient’s photos, notes and videos through their electronic medical record or via Box, a cloud-based storage service. These can also be easily shared with relevant parties.

The startup which also produced the first mobile EHR for the iPad said via the company’s website:

“Our vision of making providers more mobile began with the announcement of the iPad in 2010, which eventually led to us creating the best mobile EHR on the market. Since then, we’ve been striving to push the envelope with new technologies to optimise your ability to provide the best care available.”

“Enter Google Glass. As a companion to the tablet, imagine being able to chart, take photos, and see your patient’s vitals without lifting a finger… And that’s just the beginning.”

Doctors Using Google Glass

Doctors Using Google Glass

However, San Francisco-based podiatrist Dr. Bill J Metaxas has warned physicians about potential security issues that may come with the technology, according to Reuters. He said that although Glass is no more or less secure than tablet devices, obtaining patient consent and “locking down security settings” when using Google Glass is important for doctors in this context, to ensure the practice is safe for everyone.

The report also highlights that Metaxas, who uses Glass in his facility, claims that 99 per cent of patients do not have a problem with the wearable being used.

The app launch follows an event hosted last month by Google’s Glass team where they discussed on how to bring wearables into practices for care providers, hospital administrators and medical-tech entrepreneurs. Following the event, a range of similar apps for wearables are apparently being developed with the focus of healthcare in mind.

“Google is still in the early-stages of determining the most viable use-cases for Google Glass,” said Daniel Kivatinos, co-founder of Drchrono. “But some doctors are demanding Glass, so Google is providing resources and support to developers.”

The company apparently already has around 300 physicians signed up to use the app out of its 60,000 registered members. The app is currently being offered for free, where doctors can sign up and become a beta tester for Glass.

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