The ASMO smart charger turns itself off to become greener and safer

A Kickstarter project for a smart mobile device charger is underway. What does this smart charger offer above and beyond the charger you probably got for free with your device? The ASMO smart charger is power-smart so it saves you money on electricity and saves waste to help the environment. Another thing – the developer hopes the ASMO is also safer as it won’t be using electricity and getting hot once your mobile or tablet is charged, it will be completely off.

The ASMO charger in a fetching wood grain finish

The ASMO charger in a fetching wood grain finish

The impetus for this safer and more efficient charger came from an unfortunate event. The Finish developer’s fiancée’s home was burnt to the ground because of a faulty always-on style charger being left plugged in. Luckily no one was hurt in this accident even though the house was destroyed. Following this event the ASMO charger has been in development for about two years.

ASMO, based in Finland, says that ordinary chargers, left plugged in all the time and sucking electricity waste “as much as two nuclear power station’s worth of energy, or enough solar panels to cover Minnesota”. Instead of trying to remind people to unplug, ASMO reckons its smart charger is much better.

The charger has been designed to isolate itself from the power supply after a device reaches its fully charged status. The patent pending design has an auto-start function when you connect your device which works with most devices on the market as you can see from this list. In brief it’s compatible with almost all your Apple iOS and Samsung Galaxy devices for auto-on functionality and compatible with ALL mobile devices for the important auto-off functionality. If your device isn’t auto-on compatible it’s not such as big deal anyway as you just push a button once you plug it in to start charging.

ASMO charger diagram

ASMO charger diagram

Priced too high to take off?

At the time of writing the ASMO charger has reached $12,500 of its £100,000 goal, with 23 days to go. Hopefully things will pick up for the project as more news outlets pick up this story. If the project does reach $100,000 by the deadline it is pledged to make a UK-style plug version too. While all the early bird $29 backing options are gone there remains unlimited $49 backing slots to secure a charger. Perhaps the company should have gone in a bit lower, like $39, to get a much faster take-up and mass of backers?

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