SwiftKey, the bestselling Android keyboard app, is now available for free!

Good news Android device users! The British startup behind one of the bestselling paid apps on Google Play has announced that SwiftKey is now going to be free. The developers have also thrown in some handy updates along with the removal of its £2.99 price tag.



To make their revenue elsewhere, SwiftKey has opened a brand new SwiftKey Store, where users of the app can now purchase different custom keyboard “themes”. The company says that the shift to the freemium market is an attempt to expand its userbase, especially aiming at developing markets where poor payment infrastructure largely hinders consumer’s practice of paying for apps.

The app has been one of the top-selling apps for Android users with features based around highly accurate word prediction. In addition, the new update will also provide a new emoji prediction function, integration of over 800 emoji, additional languages, and a further improved prediction engine.

SwiftKey Emojis

SwiftKey Emojis

SwiftKey has recently raised a good sum of venture capital funding in addition to the deal the company signed with Samsung earlier this year, which contracts them to provide keyboards on 100 million Samsung Galaxy devices by 2015.

“We have made the decision to go free to better enable everyone, everywhere, to use SwiftKey’s market-leading technology without payment being a barrier,” said Jon Reynolds, the company’s co-founder and CEO in an email to TechAssimilate. “We’re focused not only on reaching more users with our powerful technology, but on building great content and features to engage them.”

The company also confirmed that it is indeed working on an iOS 8 version of the app, following Apple’s WWDC announcement that it is to allow users to replace the default keyboard on the OS. Users who have previously purchased the app are also being offered a free downloadable premium pack of ten themes by SwiftKey.

“Are we going to build SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS8? Of course we are. We’ve already started,” the founders told the Guardian in a statement. “We’re delighted Apple has decided to embrace the importance of opening its platform to third party keyboards… Our technology features on more than 200 million devices to date and we can’t wait to reach more.”

If you don’t already own SwiftKey, this is a great opportunity to try it out! I personally think that it is an amazing keyboard and the decision to turn freemium looks like a pretty good one to me. Take a look at the short clip below if you would like to know more about this handy app.

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