Smart shoes will stamp all over smartwatch success, thinks Taiwan’s Compal Electronics

Hey Google, we’ve been watching your so-called I/O developers’ conference and haven’t seen any smart shoes yet! What’s with all the smartwatches? Wake up and get with the innovation program!

That’s what we think Taiwan’s Compal Electronics might have said to Google if it were to give out wearables trend advice. Today a report in computer industry magazine DigiTimes suggests that the smart shoes sector might be on the verge of becoming the first brightly shining star of the tech wearables industry.

Nike Plus Training

Nike Plus Training

Shoes are worn more commonly than watches

Compal Electronics is a very well regarded contract manufacturer making smart devices, networking products, computer products and consumer electronics. I actually owned a very smart, well made and tough Apple PowerBook which was made in the Compal factory. Getting back to the point… Company vice president of Compal’s R&D business Shen Chun-Te talked to DigiTimes about his optimism for smart shoes and how he expects smart shoe adoption to easily step beyond smartwatch take-up. The reasoning is simply, “since shoes are worn more commonly than watches.”

Also industry observers see the problem of smartwatch battery life putting off potential users. Yes, users have got used to charging their mobile smartphones almost daily but this is seen as a barrier against smartwatch adoption in the place of prestigious traditional mechanical jewellery or utilitarian digital watches. Interestingly the same analysts think that smart bracelets have more chance of wide adoption, as they can be worn on the wrist as a complimentary wearable, next to a traditional wristwatch.

Adidas high technology running shoes

Adidas high technology running shoes

Smart shoes are said to be very much in the focus for companies including Nike, Xiaomi and Apple. Google is also mentioned but we have yet to see any sign of footwear, so far, at the I/O conference in San Francisco. Special mention is given to Nike’s smart shoes which include gyroscope and accelerometer sensors to feed back important health and fitness data.

Do readers agree – that smart shoes will stamp all over smartwatch success?

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