Send aromatic text messages with the oPhone DUO

Ever wanted to share the smell of your morning cup of coffee? Or the scent of a bunch of freshly picked roses? Well, you can now send a scented text message containing these aromas with the new device called the oPhone DUO.



Paris-based Vapor Communications is the startup behind the aromatic text messaging system, which combines a free iPhone app called oSnap with the oPhone, a device which will allow users to diffuse over 300,000 unique aroma combinations through circular cartridges called oChips. The startup has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the device with 44 days left to reach its $150,000 fundraising goal.

The oPhone (not to be confused with the iPhone which it is used with) was invented by founder and CEO of Vapor Communications and Harvard engineering professor David Edwards, and his co-inventor and former Harvard student Rachel Field. Each device features two cylindrical containers that can fit in a total of 8 oChips which contains 4 aromas at a time. The oChips can be swapped and exchanged easily and are capable of  hundreds of uses. The device can deliver bursts of scents for 10 seconds at a time, and works with the oSnap app in order to deliver the smells.



“oPhone introduces a new kind of sensory experience into mobile messaging – a form of communication that until now has remained consigned to our immediate local experience of the world,” said Edwards in a press release. “With the oPhone, people will be able to share with anyone, anywhere, not just words, images, and sounds, but sensory experience itself.”

To send a scented text message, users simply need to download the oSnap app, which will allow them to take a photo and tag it with a break down of different relevant descriptive scent notes such as “caramel,” “chocolate” and “cedar.” The company calls the combination of photo, text and aromas an oNote. Users can also share their messages via email, Facebook or Twitter. However, the receiver will need to own an oPhone DUO to smell the scents.

O for Olfactory

For those wondering what all the o-related words are about, the ‘o’ stands for olfactory. The startup hopes to eventually develop the app to be able to detect object within a picture and automatically tag it with the suitable aroma one day. This will eliminate the need for users to have to identify and select the scents for themselves.

The oPhone is available for pre-orders starting at $149 for those who donate to the device’s crowdfunding campaign. Official launch of the phone accessory is expected next year, when it will be priced higher, at $199.

Wanna see the oPhone in action? Check out the video below!

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