Multiple new leaked images show off a plastic iPhone 6 rear shell

Apple iPhone fans, look no further, as a new set of leaked images have been found showing the alleged rear shell of the upcoming, highly anticipated iPhone 6, reports MacRumours. The upcoming revision of the iPhone seems to be quite a leaky gadget and the critical mass of these leaks is pointing to the larger but ultra-thin smartphone.

iPhone 6 Shell

iPhone 6 Shell: Front and Rear

Shared by, it is unclear if it is of the 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch variant the iPhone 6 was previously rumoured to have. The thin metal rear shell shows cut-outs for camera, microphone, flash and also the Apple logo, supporting the speculation and theory that this may in fact be a genuine iPhone 6 shell.

The leaked images gave us more insights into what Apple may have in store for the device. A shift in the power button position can be spotted from these photos, from the top of the device in existing iPhone models to the right panel of the device, perhaps to make it more accessible for the grip on the larger device.

iPhone 6 Shell: Sides

iPhone 6 Shell: Sides

On the other hand,  the side views also shows familiar cut-outs including the mute switch and volume buttons along the left side of the device and a SIM tray towards the middle of the right side.

The original report also points out that an explanation for the of the Apple logo cut-out, which we have not been seen on the iPhone before, could be that Apple is designing a light-up logo for the iPhone 6, which could be used for notifications. I like the light-up idea as it similar to the MacBook range. However, the guys over at MacRumours said it is unlikely that Apple will be adding this feature.

So far, rumours are flying all over the place regarding the iPhone 6, which is expected to debut around September. In our previous report, we mentioned that Apple is possibly bringing out the 4.7-inch model initially; whilst a larger 5.5-inch model will follow a few months later. Meanwhile why not take a look at the most wanted iPhone 6 features that were revealed in a recent survey to see if you agree with all those who took part.

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