Motorola reveals top 10 finalists for Moto 360 watchface design contest

Motorola has revealed the top 10 finalists for its Moto 360 design contest. The firm has showed off the 10 best watch face designs for its new circular display equipped wearable running Android Wear, a spin-off Android OS which is modified to specifically run on wearables.

Paul Stringer: car speedometer style watch face

Paul Stringer: car speedometer style watch face

Motorola first introduced Moto 360 back in March, following Google’s announcement of Android Wear. The smartwatch is said to be officially announced at the Google I/O developer conference at the end of the month and is due in July at €249.

Being the first wearable device based on Android Wear with a round face interface, Motorola has been hosting a design contest over the last few weeks to find the best watch face design. The final design will be chosen from the 10 designs that were shortlisted out of 1,300 entries. We have included a few examples below, but you can also view them in more detail and vote for your favourite over at Motorola’s Google + page.

Moto 360 Design Contest: Top 10 Designs

Moto 360 Design Contest: Top 10 Designs

All of the designs shortlisted feature elegant and modern yet simplistic looks, far from the traditional impression you may get from the round face form factor at first glance. Each design also incorporates elements of individuality.

The uppermost picture in our article is Paul Stringer’s car speedometer style watch face. Each hand flies back to the beginning when it reaches the end, similar to a tachometer. Below is Layton Diamen’s ‘vanishing hour’ design, where the hour is dimmed while the minute marks are revealed as the minute hand makes its way around.

Layton Diamen's "vanishing hour"

Layton Diamen’s “vanishing hour”

There are of course many more designs and descriptions regarding the inspiration behind each of the watch face on the Google+ page. Head over and take a look! The winner with the most +1s will be announced on 24th June and will ship alongside Motorola’s other official faces.

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