Moment, a stylish smartwatch project, promises 30 day battery life

With so many smartwatches rapidly appearing in the market, the designs and features of each is becoming increasingly important to consumers when coming to choosing their perfect device. For those fashion conscious gadget owners out there, a new smartwatch called Moment has been unveiled, touting a beautifully crafted curved OLED display and 30 days of battery life.

Moment Smartwatch

Moment Smartwatch

The Moment Smartwatch is the brainchild of Momentum Labs, and it fits right in the market with its pleasing design aiming to eliminate the main criticisms of many smartwatches currently in the market, which is how the wearable actually looks – sometimes bulky, frumpy or geeky.

Featuring a curved OLED display, the smartwatch has a bracelet-like design with a digital watch face located on top. The hardware spec includes a built-in 1.73 inch 150DPI electrophoretic display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. However some alerts are expected to be delivered by this smartwatch will be displayed on the inside of the user’s wrist, with its 360 degree touch interface, keeping messages and other notifications private for the user.

Moment Smartwatch Keyboard

Moment Smartwatch Keyboard

The inside band of the smartwatch will be capable of displaying a full QWERTY keyboard, which the company claims will not be “inconvenient.” However, take a look at the promotional video below to see for yourself if you’d agree.

Powered by a TI Tiva C Series ARM Cortex M4 processor, the 820 mAh curved battery will provide the 30 days battery life Momentum Labs is offering with Moment. The watch measures just 0.9mm thick at the edge and weighs-in at under 100g.

The device also comes equipped with a slot to accommodate “Snapware,” which is a replaceable module that can allow users to upgrade the watch’s functionality with new parts such as biometric sensors and more.

A Kickstarter campaign is due to be set up by Momentum Labs soon, where the company aims to gain enough funds to make the product a reality. The company hopes to eventually offer its Moment Smartwatch at $230, if all $300,000 is raised from the campaign to build an initial production run of at least 500 units. We shall see if that is successful in about six weeks time.

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