Microsoft smartwatch scheduled for October launch say sources

Tech Assimilate covered the news about the Microsoft smartwatch patents discovery and its friendly syncing with ALL major mobile OS platforms during May. Now, as June draws to a close we have another fascinating morsel about Redmond’s smartwatch plans. Famous PC technology site Tom’s Hardware reveals that one of its “trusted” inside connected sources has confirmed some of our earlier information and the scheduled release date for the wearable device as October.

It seems like the talk last month about the open APIs and cross platform interoperability were spot on. This means that your Microsoft smartwatch will work with Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android or indeed Microsoft’s Windows Phone smartphones. I think that’s a smart idea!

The similar form factor Nike Fuelband

The similar form factor – Nike Fuelband

Also Microsoft seems to have heeded the recent industry analysis that smart bracelets will be more popular than smartwatches as people like to keep their traditional jewellery. Tom’s Hardware says that Microsoft’s smartwatch will be like a smartband with a sleek uniform appearance rather than a bulky face that you have to look at. In particular it is said to look like the Nike Fuelband but thinner and flatter. The firm intends users to check the display on the underside of their wrist. Finally some hardware info is revealed suggesting a TI made processor and Atmel components will be used in the device which will provide 11 sensors.

It’s good to see a smartwatch (or smartband) that doesn’t want to force your hand in your choice of smartphone. Let’s hope Microsoft can pull something great out of their bag of tricks under Satya Nadella, the company does seem to be more at the forefront of innovations recently.

Mark Tyson

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