Is Samsung planning a foldable tablet for early 2015?

According to a recent report, Samsung is planning to release a foldable tablet next year, following through on a concept which was first filed as a patent by Samsung back in 2013.

Samsung Logo

Samsung Logo

The tablet, with a tri-fold design, is allegedly being developed for release. This foldable tablet will be between 8-inch and 9-inch in size when opened up and feature a OLED full HD display resolution, according to Android Authority.

The report also highlights that prototypes of the device already exist, and Samsung is working hard to take the development of the device to the next stage, most likely commercial oriented, paving the way for a product launch in early 2015 if all goes as planned.

Samsung Patent

Samsung Patent

With curved designs and flexible displays becoming trendier in the current electronics market, it is interesting to see Samsung taking this concept to a whole new level. However, it is unclear as to how well Android would be compatible with such a radical design, whilst is it also likely that we’ll see Samsung custom-tailoring applications to best suit and take advantage of the folding device screen.

It is also possible that the company will only have plans to launch this device in their own home market, similar to Samsung’s strategy with the first-generation of Galaxy devices. We are also not expecting the device to have a friendly price tag initially, and it will probably not be aimed towards the average consumer but wealthy early adopters.

We like the idea of having a foldable tablet, and we are definitely looking forward to seeing a working model of this device. But the technology is certainly still in early stages and we are not expecting see a fully capable product any time soon.

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