Hungry? What about some edible mist? Choose from 200 flavours.

UK based confectionery contraption inventor Charlie H Francis has invented a new machine which dispenses edible mist. Users can choose their mist from over 200 flavours which include favourites such as mango, apple pie, chocolate and even smoky bacon. That means you could probably easily rustle up a three course mist-meal of starter, main and dessert. All for zero calories…

Three edible mist machines

Three edible mist machines

The website where you can buy your own edible mist machine, Lick Me I’m Delicious, says that the device creates “an inhalable micro mist which you suck up through a straw to get an instant flavour hit”. We are further informed that the technology behind the edible mist machine is ‘ultrasonic vaporisation’.

As well as the obvious instant flavour hit the retailer suggest that customers can buy the machines for use as palette cleansers for use between courses of a meal or buffet. Also several machines can be used to help people experience unique combinations of flavours.

Users enjoy the mist flavours using an ordinary drinking straw. They simply suck up the micro-mist produced by the ultrasonic innards. Straws can be conveniently stored ready for guests in a lower half dome shaped container area.

The machines look like they are built to look good and the different coloured lighting available along with the emerging mists also enhance the eyeball appeal. UK users can rent these edible mist machines but Ubergizmo reports that if you live in the US, for instance, it could cost you over $8,000 to buy one and have it imported.

Enjoying a taste of edible mist

Enjoying a taste of edible mist

An interesting alternative use of these vaporisers would to be ‘enjoy’ sharing a big splash of e-cigarette nicotine liquid with your party guests!

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