Fun’iki ambient glasses show smartphone notifications through LED lights

Want to hop on the smartwear bandwagon but still can’t decide what device to go for? A new pair of smart ambient glasses developed by Matilde, called Fun’iki, may be just what you are looking for!

Fun'iki Smart Ambient Glasses

Fun’iki Smart Ambient Glasses

Compared to Google’s Glass smartwear, the Fun’iki’ glasses are a lot simpler in approach. The main feature of these fashionable smart glasses comes from the colourful LED lights embedded in the frames which notify users when they receive calls, messages or notifications.

The connected spectacles also uses beep sounds from the small speakers within its arms to send information to the user, once it’s connected to their smartphone via Wi-Fi. A trio of LEDs are embedded above each lens and the light cycles are customisable to each notification, including information such as emails, schedule notifications, movements in stock prices, weather changes, going beyond the obvious phone calls and messages.

Besides helping users keep up with their smartphone notifications at all times, those who have always longed to send Morse code messages can now do it with the Fun’iki glasses. I’m sure this will certainly be a popular feature (maybe?) and it works through the glasses’ app, which will allow users to type in the text and convert them into flashes accordingly.

Fun'iki Smart Ambient Glasses & App

Fun’iki Smart Ambient Glasses & App

The specs also has different modes, including party, relax and disco, transforming you to that conspicuous person at a party or simply helping you unwind with calm light patterns that give you a relaxing effect.

The Fun’iki’ glasses can last for up to two days on a full charge, and the specs are rechargeable via USB. Without the interactive components and camera we’ve seen on Google Glass, these can be worn as a normal pair of specs and the limited features mean that notifications are pretty much what its intended for.

There’s “No more hustle checking your smart phone every single minute and it looks cool,” the company advertises.

You can get yourself a pair of Fun’iki glass for a retail price at around $150, according to Engadget. The report also mentions that Matilde is working on water protection and sports activity apps.  Compared to the $1,500 Google Glass price tag, we think that many might just settle for these, for a bit of fun.

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