FlatEv, an instant pod-powered Tortilla making machine

You might like tortillas but you may or may not know that nothing beats a freshly made tortilla for aroma, taste and texture. However making tortillas isn’t as easy as, say, putting a coffee pod in a Dolce Gusto, Tassimo or Senseo machine. However a firm is planning to make it exactly that easy with the FlatEv Tortilla making machine!

The FlatEv tortilla maker is claimed to be “a revolutionary tortilla maker for your kitchen.” I don’t know about everyone else but this would actually be the ONLY tortilla making machine in my kitchen, there’s no existing device to revolt against, no tortilla making overlord will be overthrown in this revolution.

The FlatEv being used in a typical kitchen

The FlatEv being used in a typical kitchen

The FlatEv works a lot like the aforementioned pod-coffee making machines. Yes, this tortilla maker uses a similar foil topped pod. A pod contains enough dough to enable the machine to squirt out a single standard tortilla, fresh, aromatic and piping hot. The tortilla is said to be ready “in seconds” of the user inserting the pod. Meanwhile the machine is easy to clean and looks quite nice in a techy way – I think it has a resemblance to the Apple Mac G4 Cube.

The makers of the machine say that the dough pods contain non-stick dough made of non-GMO stoneground corn flour and water with no added oil. They are also gluten-free and there will be various flavours of dough available. Tortillas can actually provide beneficial fibre, minerals and vitamins within your balanced diet.

FlatEv dough pods

FlatEv dough pods

In the video you might think making one tortilla at a time using this machine looks a bit limited but the designers also can provide a carousel feed device which you can load up with 5 or 6 pods to feed the machine at the push of a button. However how much would you feel like pushing that button with the pods costing $1 each? Sounds quite a lot… Also the FlatEv machine, currently only available to pre-reserve, looks set to cost about $199. It is expected to become available in autumn/fall this year and you might then see one in restaurants, bars and even airport lounges. A consumer launch is expected early next year.

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