Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg designs frames for Google Glass

Google has come up with yet another way to inject fashion into its much talked about wearable technology Google Glass. It is apparently going to bebringing out a new range of frames and shades created by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg wearing Google Glass

Google also recently hired fashion marketing executive Ivy Ross as the new head of Glass, and previously released  in-house designs for prescription lenses  by Isabelle Olsson. The company has now collaborated with Belgium-born designer in its newest limited-edition ‘DVF | Made for Glass collection’, which will be available from the Google Glass Website or Net-a-Porter and Mr. Porter from 23 June.

Navigator Orchid Mist Flash x Sky Glass

Navigator Orchid Mist Flash x Sky Glass

Von Furstenberg has previously been tied with Glass in a runway show in New York where she depicted this wearable tech as a fashionable accessory. The new specs will be yet another improvement Google is making to its Glass in an attempt to make the technology look less awkward, whilst softening the futuristic appearance you usually get with Glass, turning the wearable technology into a stylish and attractive device for all.

The collection includes five new frames and eight new shades all designed by von Furstenberg, with exclusivity being one of the main attractions for fashion-forward consumers. However, there is still no information on how much you’ll have to pay, in addition to the $1,500 cost of the beta device itself, to obtain the new range of designer spectacles.

Matte Jave x Cotton Glass

Matte Jave x Cotton Glass

Having recently opened the Explorer Program to members of the public in the US last month, we are also looking forward to other designs from brands such as Oakley and Ray-Ban, who were also previously announced to be working with Google Glass, and other fashion-related accessories to follow.

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