At last, someone has invented a USB ear camera and cleaner

Coden Co., Ltd. has just released a new USB connected, camera equipped, ear-pick tool called the Sugoi Mimikaki, (or ‘amazing ear-pick’ in English). The tool will let you take a look at what’s going on inside your pair of ‘Britney Spears’ and safely poke about – as you will be able to see on your computer monitor exactly what you are doing.

Coden Sugoi Mimikaki

Coden Sugoi Mimikaki

If you are one of those who are scared of even poking a cotton bud down your precious ears, Sugoi Mimikaki may take some of that ear cleaning fear out of your routine and provide you with safer and better cleaning. My doctor once told me never to try and poke anything in my ear that is smaller than my elbow… But that was before this wonderful gadget.

The device works by connecting to a Windows PC or tablet via USB cable, allowing the user to watch a 15x zoomed real-time image of the inside of their ear on the PC monitor / tablet screen. A CMOS mini-camera is attached to the spatula-like ear-pick end of the stick. The device was developed in the hope of decreasing the chances of people damaging their sensitive ears when they clean them without any visual aid.

Coden Sugoi Mimikaki - with monitor feedback

Coden Sugoi Mimikaki – with monitor feedback

Those who operate the device on a Windows machine can also take a snapshot of their ear canal in order to monitor their ear conditions, to keep for their own records or even to share with family and friends.

The Sugoi Mimikaki is priced at around £80, with the body of the device measuring 19.2cm long, it plugs into your computer with an ample 2m cord. You never know, maybe one day we could be snapchatting our ear canals, or making vines with this neat little gadget? Just maybe?

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