As Apple’s iWatch enters mass production we learn it will include more than 10 sensors

Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc. is starting mass production of Apple’s highly anticipated first smartwatch in July, according to a Reuters source who is familiar with the matter. The Cupertino-based tech giant is also said to be planning multiple versions of the iWatch, which is expected to be launched in the fall, reports the WSJ.

The Apple iWatch will hit the market rivalling popular smartwatches by companies like Samsung, and Google parters such as Motorola and LG.  These existing wearable designs are known to have capabilities such as detecting body temperature, mapping and location sensors, and voice recognition and new mobile operating systems to work with the smaller sometimes circular displays. Perhaps trumping the competition, Apple’s upcoming smartwatch is rumoured to include “more than 10 sensors” and multiple models.

Apple iWatch concept design by Ciccarese

Apple iWatch concept by Ciccarese Design

The report by the WSJ suggests that Apple is planning its wearable in “multiple screen sizes” and with various sensors to tackle the growing criticism that existing wearables do not offer functions which are notably distinct from what you get from a smartphone. The multiple sizes might be something to do with a his and hers range, which was also previously rumoured. Apple wishes to differentiate the smartwatch from its other line of mobile products, and the wearable is said to include sensors which track health and fitness matching recent updates to iOS8. Interestingly, and contrary to some earlier reports, the Reuters’ source points out that the Apple smartwatch is likely to measure 2.5 inches diagonally and shaped slightly rectangular, with a protruding watch face that creates an arched shape.

With mass production drawing close/starting up, the commercial launch of the smartwatch could come as early as October. The latest rumours have pointed out that Apple is testing new ways to charge its wearable, suggesting that the company has already proposed inductive, solar and motion charging.

As previously reported, the smartwatch market is growing fast and analysts are expecting the wearable space to take off in the next few years. We look forward to seeing more innovative designs from big companies which aim to battle their way to the top in this arena. Many have their eyes on Apple, in hope that its new entry to the smartwatch market will transform the industry, like the iPhone did in 2007. That arched shaped display and multitude of sensors does indeed sound like an intriguing prospect.

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