Amazon teases its 3D smartphone for 18th June launch

Amazon has started to tease its upcoming smartphone via the might of social media. A few hours ago the internet retailing giant published a YouTube video and issued a Tweet which, according to heavyweight news channels such as Reuters, confirms the rumours that an Amazon smartphone is on the verge of being launched. It’s less than a fortnight away to the launch event now.

Go along to the Amazon smartphone unveiling event

Go along to the Amazon smartphone unveiling event

The upcoming smartphone from Amazon isn’t going to be a dreary me-too device according to reports. There are a number of features that will be rather innovative. Also if you watch through the teaser video, embedded below, you will see ‘members of the general public’ being quite astonished at the device they get a sneak peek at.

3D holographic display and gesture UI

The key standout feature and the one alluded to most strongly in the video is the device’s display. It is expected to be a 3D holographic display which produces images, seen above the screen, without any need for 3D glasses. In the video you can see people moving their head around to look at the display from different angles, one even exclaims “it moved with me…” Another person in the video hinted at this depth of screen detail being used within the UI, describing it as “intuitive”. Most of the other muppets in the video just said things like “amazing” and “wow” – which isn’t very helpful.

Amazon smartphone render

Amazon smartphone artists’ render

Technical details

So how does the Amazon smartphone achieve the 3D holograms and gesture UI control? So far most commentators think that these unique qualities come from the five glass lenses seen in leaked images of a handset prototype. These might function as projectors and/or cameras and sensors. The sensors might track your eyes to keep the 3D imagery optimal for the user as suggested by one of the comments above.

Other more mundane specs, as listed on KnowYourMobile include: a Qualcomm snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and a 4.7-inch 720p display. Those are pretty decent smartphone specs which many a handset on the market today has but I’m happy to see a big company like Amazon try and break away from the pack by introducing a genuinely different device.

Previously leaked image of the Amazon smartphone

Previously leaked image of the Amazon smartphone

Let’s hope everyone’s guesses are on the ball and we won’t all suffer a big disappointment on Wednesday 18th June when the unveiling event takes place in Seattle. If you are in the area on that date why not submit an invitation request to go along and see what is unveiled?

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