Thanko Japan launches Ru-Fine thumb extension stylus accessory

Is your thumb a bit short for your tablet, phablet or even _insert flagship smartphone here_ mini? Well you are in luck as you can now order a ‘realistic’ thumb extension with built-in stylus tip thanks to the wonderful Thanko Japan electronics accessories shop. As you can see by from the promotional graphic below you will achieve a decent 15mm extension with this device.

Thanko's Ru-Fine Thumb Stylus

Thanko’s Ru-Fine Thumb Stylus

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, if you find your thumb frustrated by the ever expanding smartphone sizes, this thumb shaped stylus might be for you. As well as the extra length available you can see that the stylus tip is more precise than your big fat thumb can be.

Thumb Stylus close-up

Thumb Stylus close-up

The stylus nub is made from a special conductive polymer that always provides smoothly gliding touch – unlike your thumb/finger which may be dry, dirty or sticky. What about reaching those parts of the screen which seem a bit too close though, not everything is a big reach away, even on a phablet?

The key specifications of the Thanko Ru-Fine Thumb Stylus are as follows:

  • Length 49mm, diameter 25mm
  • Inner diameter 20mm, extension length 15mm
  • Weight 11g
  • Warranty 3 months

Of course a thumb stylus is not a new idea. Many people bought a device which did a similar accurate job, but without the extension capability, for their serious Nintendo DS gaming. You can see that below. Also pictured below is the nose stylus which is probably not a commercial product, even at Thanko, yet.

Nose stylus - and an earlier thumb stylus for Nintendo DS

Nose stylus – and an earlier thumb stylus for Nintendo DS

You can buy this device here for 1,480 yen including tax (that’s about £8.60 or $14.50 before your shipping).

This story caught the Tech Assimilator’s eye on Akihabara News.

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