Smartphone battery life ranks over 4G for British mobile buyers

Market research firm GMI recently conducted a survey which reveals that British consumers consider battery life as the most important element over any other feature, when purchasing a smartphone.

The study shows that out of 1,000 UK adult respondents, the vast majority of 89 per cent quoted battery life as vital criteria when thinking about what phone to buy next. Furthermore, 70 per cent of Brits said it was already an important factor to consider when they purchased their current device.

Smartphone Charging

Smartphone Charging

If this comes as a surprise, you may be interested to know that battery life also influences how people user their phone every day. It seems that 12 per cent of respondents indicated that their phone runs out of power at least once a day and 29 per cent of these were between the age of 18 and 24. A further 17 per cent said this happens every few days.

However, only 5 per cent of people surveyed said that they carry a space battery, and jut 4 per cent have a battery charging case.

The study coincides with an IDC survey involving 50,000 smartphone users earlier this month, where battery also topped the charts across all the smartphone platforms.

“The fact that a long-lasting battery is the leading criteria when buying a new phone may come as a surprise. Whilst consumers are still concerned about getting the basics right, innovative features and ground-breaking apps still help to differentiate the products in a very competitive market,” said Ralph Risk, marketing director EMEA at GMI.

“Drilling further into our data helps to understand how much impact battery life has on the everyday use of a mobile phone – the majority of people have to recharge their phone at least once per day and a significant number regularly run out of battery whilst using their phone. A strong reliable battery life is definitely still a focus both for consumers and for manufacturers who are constantly working on improving the autonomy of their devices.”

On the other hand, touchless payment technology and 4G were the two most likely features deemed as ‘not important’ by 53 per cent and 31 per cent of respondents respectively.

The data also shows that Britons saw branding as the second most important feature, at 68 per cent, and processor speed just lagging behind that at 67 per cent. Men in the UK found technical features such as a large screen more important and women were found to focus more on having a high quality camera or well-known brand name.

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