Roasting in this weather? The human-sensing oscillating fan may be just the thing!

With the past few days weather coming along nicely, we may finally get a taste of the real British summer. But for those who are already finding it hard to cope with the heat this human-sensing fan ,which only blows where it senses there are people, could be the prefect solution.

The product, developed by Irisohyama Inc, named “Human-sensing Oscillating Fan” will automatically adjust the swing angle of its head horizontally by utilising a human presence sensor, the black bar located below the head. Thus it effectively sends the cooling breeze to the area where it’s needed most.

Human-sensing Oscillating Fan

Human-sensing Oscillating Fan

Costing £104, this smart cooling device will also switch itself on and off depending on whether it senses people, minimising its power draw whilst also boosting effectiveness. The angle which the head swings ranges  around 85° and when first switched on, the head will swing for about a minute to detect the locations and movements of people in the room before doing its magic and only blasting at the area where someone exist.

I guess we better be ready to get ‘blown away’ by this quirky gadget!

Kai-Li Yang

Kai-Li is a tech enthusiast with an in-depth knowledge of mobile technology, music technology and the entertainment industry. She hails from Taiwan and helps Tech Assimilate to erm... assimilate, all the latest tech news and trends from East Asia. Kai-Li Yang on Google+

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