Photos of upcoming LG and Prestigio Windows Phones are leaked

Microsoft announced a number of manufacturing partners would be joining with it to launch a wider range of Windows Phone 8 devices at the recent BUILD 2014 developer conference. We have just seen two such devices leaked out in the last few hours, one from Korea’s LG Electronics and another from the less well known Prestigio.

LG Uni8 Windows Phone

LG Uni8 Windows Phone

LG Uni8

Let’s start by looking at the first LG Windows Phone 8.X smartphone. Serial smartphone and tablet leaker @evleaks uncovered this device for the world to see. The smartphone is currently referred to by a codename of the LG Uni8. What you see doesn’t really bring anything new to the table but it could perhaps come with some LG apps to implement its ‘Knock Code’ unlocking and app launching among other things.

However the image authenticity of the LG Uni8 is now a little in doubt as @evleaks has updated its Twitter feed just an hour ago to report that “Update: That “LG Uni8″ render uses a stock WP8.1 screenshot, highly suggestive of a hoax.” Please check the embedded Tweet below.

Prestigio PAP5507

Ah well, we still have the Prestigio PAP5507 Windows 8.X smartphone to look at, hopefully this is not a hoax… This new Windows Phone 8.X device looks pretty ordinary but not in a bad way. From the slightly rough looking picture you can see appealing curves, a slender profile and slightly textured back plate. The logo isn’t too dominant and the chassis looks to have all the essential soft buttons, hardware keys, camera and flash.

Prestigio PAP5507 new Windows Phone

Prestigio PAP5507 new Windows Phone

For this Prestigio PAP5507 we have a few specifications put forward which include a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a 1280 x 768 pixel display. Also the rear camera is purported to be an 8MP example. Price point, launch date and regions are all sadly lacking from the details.

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