Phonebloks calls for industry partners to take the modular concept beyond mobiles

With Google recently releasing the development kit to its upcoming modular smartphone Project Ara, Phonebloks, the company behind the modular concept has released a video calling out for partners to expand its modular concept beyond just mobile phones. We at Tech Assimilate think – why not?! What next modular PCs?

Phonebloks Concept

Phonebloks Concept

The founder of the Dutch company Dave Hakkens’ idea of producing swappable parts for devices has been largely applauded as parts can be easily upgraded, meaning that devices can always be up to date, having only the broken/out of date parts being thrown away or replaced.

With Project Ara looking like it’s coming along nicely, many tech enthusiasts are eager to see what comes of it. Others who have adapted to the modular concept in the field include ZTE’s Eco-Mobius, Xiaomi’s Magic Cube, and even the Blocks smartwatch.

Touting its success in expanding the modular dream, the company now cries for three things from members of the industry to make the modular smartphone a reality; a demand for modular phones, a platform and an ecosystem of modules.

“Now that the world has seen that it’s possible to have a modular phone, we are looking for other partners in the industry that want to make modular devices a reality,” a representative said in a statement released yesterday. “At Phonebloks, we support and embrace all initiatives that bring the world a step closer to modular thinking.”

Phonebloks Concept

Phonebloks Concept

The company hopes to ultimately develop the idea for all Internet-connected devices, making it possible to interchange parts from a smart TV to a fridge to a tablet and even cameras. We are very excited about exploring all of these potential avenues, but for now, fingers crossed that more companies do answer Phoneblok’s plea!

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