Make your dumb watch smarter using the Modillian smart strap

It seems like smartwatches are the hottest wearable technology right now with many big tech companies already offering some tech for your wrist. Yes, we’re still waiting for Apple, Microsoft and an official Google product but LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony all have shown their wares.

So what if you have an old fashioned, say mechanical wristwatch that you are particularly fond of but don’t want to leave in a drawer because of its lack of ‘smartness’? Well an Israeli startup company called Modillian thinks it has the solution for you, a Bluetooth smart strap. This device is actually more of a strap buckle but, as A Blog To Watch reports, it should help “bridge the gap between traditional timepieces and the emerging smartwatch industry”.

Modillian smart strap in use

Modillian smart strap in use

How smart can a strap buckle be?

First of all the Modillian currently only works in concert with Android devices but to expand its capabilities is just a software task that needs to be undertaken. It works by communicating with your ‘droid via Bluetooth and the battery inside is said to last ‘several days’ at a time.

Without a dedicated display the Modillian buckle communicated with a wearer via vibration. We are informed that the device will use different vibration styles and patterns to communicate different kinds of alerts. This vibration will easily let a wearer know if they’ve missed a call, got an appointment, received a text etc. In theory the complexity of the communication between Modillian and user via wrist is pretty unlimited – think about Morse code…

Modillian Bluetooth buckle

Modillian Bluetooth buckle

This functionality does cover the bases of most smartwatch functionality as a notification device so might well find some kind of success whilst allowing the user to keep their smart stylish traditional watch a regular wrist feature.

Crowdfunding call

To get its smart vibration communication device on our wrists Modillian is going to start an IndieGogo campaign, says A Blog To Watch. It is thought that rather than clip to your existing watch strap in some way Modillian will partner with a high end watch strap maker to provide a variety of tastefull options with prices around $200 or so.

More details will be available when the Modillian launches its IndieGogo campaign on 10th June.

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