Leaked images tease upcoming HTC One M8 Prime and HTC M8 Ace

Some leaked renders have been dispersed across the web teasing us that HTC is making a couple of appealing variants of it current high-end flagship smartphone, the HTC One M8. There’s both a lower spec and a higher spec model in the works it seems.

HTC One M8 Prime

HTC One M8 Prime

Having already launched a new mini version of the M8, the HTC One mini 2, the One M8 Prime has been leaked online many times as one of the rumoured handsets that the company is supposedly setting up for launch this year.

Infamous leakster @evleaks revealed quite a bit of information on the M8 Prime last weekend, suggesting this variant would be made out of an “exotic material, a composite of aluminum and liquid silicone,” feature faster LTE connectivity than other smartphones on the market today, whilst also upgraded to be a waterproof device, to match up with the top tier competition.

Some press images along with a full 360 degree GIF render have arrived following the information leak, showing a similar design to the HTC One M8 but with noticeable differences on both sides of the device. It appears to have a Duo Camera setup similar to the M8’s, but with the main shooter protruding from the phone’s body. The BoomSound speaker grilles also seem to be bigger, probably achieving even louder sound output.

HTC One M8 Prime

HTC One M8 Prime

Amalgamating all the leaks and rumours, the M8 Prime is said to come with a 5.5-inch QHD (2564x1440p) display, powered by a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM, Cat 6 LTE and Sense 6.5 with Android.

The M8 Prime is expected to be unveiled this coming September, and should be priced higher than the current model as it aims to be an improved variant of the One M8.

The cheaper version – HTC One M8 Ace

Along with images, other leaks by Chinese site ifanr.com suggest that the current flagship will not only have one but two variants, with the second model being a cheaper, plastic-build device dubbed as HTC One M8 Ace.

HTC One M8 Ace

HTC One M8 Ace

The design appears similar again, but lacks the Duo Camera module as it only has one camera on the back with LED flash. Expected to be made out of plastic, the power button has also been moved to the centre on the top of the device and overall, the device looks more curved than the other two models. All these factors could contribute to bringing the price of the device down to somewhere below $500, but evidently, HTC is still trying to keep most of the high-end specs of the current flagship intact; such as the 5-inch 1080p display and the 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor.

Taiwanese site eprice also reports that we can expect the M8 Ace to be launched on the 3 June. It also mentions that the device likely to have 13MP camera, just like the HTC One Mini 2, and be available in a range of stylish colours.

Check out the Tweet below for yet another hint from HTC itself about the M8 Ace:

HTC Tweet

HTC Teaser Tweet

Just to remind you, none of the information above has been made official. But given @evleaks’ reputation of getting things right, we will probably see these devices being announced soon.

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