Kittyo allows pet owners to play with their cat via mobile

Having to watch adorable cat videos in your breaks at work, just to ease some of the urge to rush back home to see how the little fur ball is doing? A new gadget tailored especially for cats and cat owners has now appeared, called Kittyo. With Kittyo you and your cat will never be lonely again!



A Kickstarter campaign was launched last month by the makers of Kittyo, aiming to raise £30,000. This target only took 36 minutes to exceed! The campaign raised a total of $271,154 due to the generosity of 2,425 backers, when it ended on Friday.


The device is 7-inch tall and controllable from any iOS and Android smartphone through the Kittyo app. The app allows users to use the tower-like machine (which can be attached to shelves and walls) as a laser pointer, video recorder, treat dispenser. It also serves as a communication device, allowing cat owners to watch and speak to their pussy when they are away from home.



We can imagine that the killer feature will be that little red dot created by the built-in red laser pointer, which can be controlled from the app, allowing interaction between you and your cat right from your smartphone; cats love to chase around after the red dot… Want a preview of this? Take a look at the video below!

“We are excited to say that we have a functioning prototype and are ready to move on to the next phase of getting this revolutionary new product in the hands of pet parents around the world,” said Lee Miller, the developer behind this kitty-sitter.

Pre-orders for the device are priced at $149, where a $40 reduction is given from the retail price and deliveries are expected to start from November.

Kai-Li Yang

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