Google preparing to launch a Project Tango 3D scanning tablet

Google is reportedly developing a new device based on its Project Tango 3D scanning technology, bringing the capability which was previously showcased on its prototype mobile smartphone sized device back in February, to a 7-inch tablet.

According to the Wall Street Journal‘s sources, the technology giant has plans to produce around 4,000 prototype tablets starting from next month. The 7-inch slate will reportedly have dual cameras and infra-red depth sensors to detect and capture the world around them in order to create a 3D view of any place or subject, just like the Project Tango smartphones.

Project Tango Smartphone

Project Tango Smartphone

Along with the hardware, Google is also producing advanced software that will help mapping the tablet’s surroundings and the device could be released before the firm’s annual developer conference, which is set for the end of June.

The prototype device is believed to be for developers who are interested in finding a purpose and applications for the technology. Ideas include building models for 3D printers, creating more immersive gaming experiences or making interactive maps for indoor navigation for the visually-impaired. Google is providing a SDK to developers to see what new and unique ideas can be created.

With Facebook already showing a huge interest in 3D technology, as the acquisition of Oculus VR falls in place, it is clear that Google is also investing in the technology in its own way, not letting its rivals get ahead.

Google Project Tango

Google Project Tango 3D Mapping Technology

“It is critical to open the new technology to developers first as the key is how you can translate the technology into practical applications,” said Bryan Ma, an analyst at research firm IDC.

We are a fan of the idea of building the hardware first in order for developers to create use-cases, and we can’t argue that the Project Tango technology will simply be easier to manipulate and interact with on a 7-inch display compared to a 4-inch screen. We hope to see some amazing results with Google’s development and experiments in the near future.

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