Giroptic 360cam, the world’s first full HD 360 degree camera, hits Kickstarter

The Giroptic 360cam debuted on Kickstarter this week and has already bust through its $150,000 funding goal with several weeks left of the crowdfunding campaign left. This palmable camera device offers full HD streaming over Wi-Fi, video and stills recording with a simple, minimal and easy set-up.

Giroptic describes its cool photographic gadget as follows, “The 360cam from GIROPTIC is the first ultra high definition 360 degree camera that breaks through the limitation of the frame to record the entire experience of the moment in 360 degrees”.

At its essence the 360cam consists of three fish eye lenses configured around a central axis. Each of the lenses offers a 185 degree view. The device firmware captures all three images simultaneously and stitches them in real-time to produce the all round view you would expect. “The result is a camera that, with one click, doesn’t miss a thing,” boasts Giroptic.

Giroptic 360cam features

Giroptic 360cam features

Let’s have a look at the Giroptic 360cam to assess its core capabilities:

  • Lenses: Three ultra-sharp 6 element glass lenses, f/2.8 aperture, 185 degree fish eye view
  • Video mode: 2048 x 1024 resolution, 25 or 30 fps, H.264 .MP4
  • Photo mode: 4096 x 2048 pixels, 3fps burst, JPG files, GPS geo-tagging
  • Connectivity: Micro USB charging and file transfer, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. microSD card slot, universal mount
  • Sound: 3 microphones provide 3D audio
  • Battery: 1180 mAh Li-ion (enough for 60 mins video recording without Wi-Fi on, for example)
  • Weight: 180g

The 360cam also offers some advanced photo mode settings including timed and time lapse photography. Another nicety is the 360cam app for Android or iOS which will allow you to use the smartphone or tablet screen as a remote viewfinder and check though and transfer the captured images. In addition the app can turn GPS on and off, the gyroscope on and off, the HDR, activate the timer and time lapse functions.

Giroptic 360cam in photo mode

Giroptic 360cam in photo mode

Giroptic have thought ahead and prepared a series of useful accessories for the 360cam too. The firm is to offer; underwater lens cups, an Ethernet streaming base (with power), and a light bulb adapter for surveillance possibilities.

The 360cam is expected to start shipment in November this year. You can still hop on board the Kickstarter campaign and secure a finished unit by backing the project to the tune of $299. The campaign has no worries about being successful as it’s raised over $350,000, much more than the target of $150,000 which was thought to be required.

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