Foxconn leaks renders of Apple iPhone 6 components?

Some renders showing the design of the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 6 have apparently been leaked by an employee from Foxconn, Apple’s primary manufacturing partner for several of its key products.

These images, discovered by Chinese site Wei Feng’s ‘informed sources’, join the large number of mock-ups that has been floating around in the last few days. They show a design that resembles the leaked schematics seen a while ago. The pill shaped volume controls, repositioned sleep/wake button, and the design measuring up to 138 x 67mm all share similarities with previous suggestions and leaks. However there is no way of telling how real these are as such renders could easily have been made up by someone.

Apple iPhone 6 renders sourced from Foxconn

Apple iPhone 6 renders sourced from Foxconn

Dual LED flash missing suspicion

An interesting fact picked up by VR-Zone is the missing component of the dual-LED flash unit for the rear camera that debuted on iPhone 5S. That detail was present in all the mock-ups that have surfaced up until now. The site suggests that Apple may have come up with something even better than the dual tone flash which makes flash photography look more natural – could Apple have a better flash solution now?

Staggered iPhone 6 launch: 4.7-inch followed by 5.5-inch model

Whilst rumours that has been about for months suggest that Apple will be launching two iPhones this year, a report from Taiwan’s United Daily News/Economic Daily claims that the iPhone 6 may be unveiled sooner than expected. Apple is apparently showing off its standard 4.7-inch model at an event in August and releasing the device in the same month, whilst a larger model with a 5.5 or 5.6-inch display will launch in September. Previously both models were expected to hit the shelves in September.

Previous renders showed the iPhone 6 to resemble the iPod Touch

Previous renders showed the iPhone 6 to resemble the iPod Touch

The Taiwanese news agency report also suggests that out of the 80 million iPhone 6 units, that the supply chain of component manufacturers expect to be sold this year, more than 90 per cent of the shipments will be for the smaller 4.7-inch model. It sounds like Apple expects that the phablet-sized larger model will only make up a small percentage of demand. We hope that isn’t a classic blunder, just like the under-estimation of the popularity of the premium iPhone 5S and the over-estimation of the desirability of last year’s iPhone 5C.

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