Brain sensing headband might be this year’s breakthrough wearable device

There is a brain wave sensor equipped headband that is due to be launched this year called ‘The Muse’ which is causing a stir in the forward looking tech press. While lots of other wearables look set to focus on your body and health matters The Muse focuses upon and seeks to improve what Woody Allen calls his second favourite organ – the brain. The Muse did well on the crowdsourced funding platform IndieGoGo raising nearly double its $150,000 development goal several months ago.

InteraXon’s The Muse utilises six modern EEG sensors built into a headband, the sensors are positioned near areas of the brain critical for important functions such as speech, listening and thought. A person wearing the headband can utilise an app to monitor their brain activity and get neurofeedback. Currently there is an app (for Android or Apple iOS) called ‘Calm’ which, in response to a more relaxed brain, will clear away clouds on a view of a sunny day to provide beautiful blue skies. This is a good way for people to find out how to relax more fully, get to a more deep meditative state.

The Muse, apps and SDK

The Muse, apps and SDK

Gregory Ferenstein from VentureBeat got to try out a recent prototype which is very near a ‘ready for market’ state. (Though the IndieGoGo page says it started shipping to backers of the project about a month ago) He judged that The Muse was much more comfortable than competitive products with only a few ‘usability kinks’ which he thinks will be ironed out shortly. Interestingly Ferenstein tips The Muse for big things as its “the first device that has the potential to bring brain enhancement to the masses,” in his opinion. While you might look a bit strange walking around with this headband I don’t see it as any less socially acceptable than something like Google Glass. Also it could be easy to build it into or put on a hat to cover it. That would be a real thinking hat…

Wearing The Muse

Wearing The Muse, it looks good on her

Do readers think that The Muse is a more interesting wearable than the glut of smartwatches promise to be?

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