Amazon App Store offering 9 free camera apps today with 900 free bundled Amazon coins

If you are an Android photography enthusiast then you want open up your Amazon App store app today and have a peek at the offers available. Amazon is offering nine apps, which usually require payment to purchase (on Amazon’s own or the Google Play Store), for free. As an added bonus each app you download earns you 100 Amazon coins which you can save and spend on any other paid-for app in Amazon’s App Store.

Amazon App Store - free photo apps today

Amazon App Store – free photo apps today

The above deal was spotted and popularised on a HotUK Deals freebie thread. Within the forum discussion someone wrote to advise there are a number of similar offers on right now which can net a downloader up to 2,801 coins (worth £28.01 in app store credit) if you are willing to go hither and thither to download this and that. Read about that process here. I have read on Android Headlines that this offer also applies to US customers.

Back to the more simple and straight forward photography offer, the following apps are available today for free including 100 Amazon coins each (links go to the Amazon App Store via your browser – so you don’t even need the app).

  1. Perfectly Clear
  2. Paper Camera
  3. Fireframe
  4. Rhonna designs
  5. Photo studio Pro
  6. Picshop
  7. Picframe
  8. Touchretouch
  9. Camera Zoom FX

Perhaps you’ve seen some of these apps before but have been put off by the price on Amazon App Store or Google Play. Well today you’ve got the double bonus of these apps being free and each one earning you 100 Amazon coins.

The 9 free photo apps - get 100 bonus coins for each download

The 9 free photo apps – get 100 bonus coins for each download

I have an Android powered Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet so I think I will be downloading a few of these, if only to test them out and get the free coins. There’s just over 8 hours left for the photo App of the day, so maybe the whole bundle may be taken down at that time, so act sharpish.

Mark Tyson

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