Dimple, the four button NFC sticker that gives Android users quick access to any app

A unique Near Field Technology (NFC) sticker named Dimple has been announced as the newest way to add customisable physical buttons to one’s Android device. The four buttons, or dimples shall we say, can be programmed to perform a range of functionalities allowing quicker and easier access to everyday tasks.

The adhesive sticking plaster of buttons can be set to trigger different actions via a complementary app. This will then allow the buttons to bring up different functions with just one press. The application use ranges widely from opening a browser to a particular page, taking a photo instantly, launching an app, placing instant calls or even turning on the flash light. Dimple’s makers also promise to integrate the sticker with the popular automation app called Tasker.

Dimple on a Sony smartphone

Dimple on a Sony smartphone

NFC has been used in mobile devices mostly for interactions with other gadgets such as issuing wireless payments, pairing with digital cameras or opening smart door locks. But with gadgets like Pressy being a surprise hit and clones such as Xiaomi’s MiKey emerging swiftly, it shows that there is clearly a market for additional customisable physical buttons for smartphone devices.

Dimple is said to work with all NFC-enabled devices that run Android 4.0 or later. However devices with metal cases, such as the HTC One M8, don’t play nicely. This is due to the antenna location on metal phones we understand.

The Dimple NFC sticker

The Dimple NFC sticker

Dimple is not currently commercially available, but the makers have plans to launch via an official IndieGogo campaign on 6th May. Shipments are planned to start by August 2014 and anyone is free to sign up for notifications when the campaign goes live via Dimple’s website. The campaign purpose is said to help prepare the product for full-scale production and allow the team to further refine its software.

Dimple will be priced at $26.99 for backers of the campaign when it kicks off next month, where the planned general retail cost will be $28.99.

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