Acer’s first wearable device said to be a smartband, debuting mid-2014

Rumours are, Acer is announcing its first wearable device sometime this month, and according to FocusTaiwan‘s sources, it is likely to take the form of a fitness band which will be debuting in the middle of the year. Acer announced back in January that it is working on a wearable device, though no details were given at the time. Most tech enthusiasts assumed that Acer was talking about a smartwatch…

A similar smartband concept from Sony

A similar smartband concept from Sony

The smartband is said to feature a small screen, allowing the device to pair with compatible devices such as a tablet or a smartphone.

It is also possible that Acer will be launching its premiere wearable in partnership with local hospitals and gyms, according to the report, in a bid to stand out from its competitions by building an ecosystem for its wearable products. The strategy would probably help the Taiwanese company to gain a decent amount of adoption in a relatively short time frame whilst long-term adoption will depend on the specs quality of the product.

An IDC report noted that complex accessories such as fitness incorporating bracelets are likely to lead the wearable market through 2018 with global shipments of wearables forecasted to exceed 19.2 million units in 2014.

“The market has certainly warmed up to the notion of wearables,” said Ramon Llamas, research manager with IDC’s Mobile Phones team. “The spectrum of devices is so large ranging from very simple, single-purpose devices to full-fledged computers that different categories will be able to gain salience sooner than others. This will either allow vendors to hone their products and services or jump in sooner and establish critical ties with suppliers, distributors, and other players in the ecosystem.”


Acer teased a 17mm-thinck smartband dubbed the Liquid Leap at its press conference in New York today which will act as both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch.

The device will allow text and call notifications alongside a boasted battery life of up to 5 days. It may also be bundled with Liquid J smartphone, said the Taiwanese company.

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